Airport Tips: Advice for Stress-Free Air Travel

Air travel can be complicated - but it doesn’t have to be stressful. With a little preparation, you can increase your chances of having a smooth travel experience. And who wouldn't love a stress-free vacation or business trip? Find your zen while travelling for business, or check out these top tips for stress-free, worry-free travel.
1. Download offline Google Maps
If your destination is outside of your home country, save your data plan--and your wallet by downloading offline Google Maps. Before your flight, look up your destination in Google Maps with your phone, and click “download”. Google Maps allows you to download large map areas--you might even be able to save maps of an entire small country for offline use. Once you land, you can navigate using the downloaded map without the need for an internet or network connection! Just make sure to turn off your cellular data when you arrive at your destination.
2. Carry a portable battery charger
Don’t let your phone die before your favourite Netflix episode ends.

3. Be prepared with back-up copies of your important documents
To be safe, carry hard copies of your itinerary, booking confirmations, tickets, and any other travel documents you might need. As a back-up plan, create a password-protected PDF file of all of your travel records and email the file to your own email address. Border and customs agents may request to see your return flight tickets, travel itinerary, even proof of funds at any time. Having easy access to those documents can eliminate stress and worry.
4. Secure your passport
As a holder of a passport, you’re responsible for making sure it doesn’t get lost, damaged or stolen. Take extra care not to get your passport wet, as it has an electronic device within it that allows border security agents to process it quickly. As with any other electronic device, water can damage this system. Also, be sure your passport doesn’t expire for at least another six months after you travel; some countries may refuse entry if your passport is due to expire within this period.

5. Disinfect
Airports are full of germs. Be sure to pack hand sanitizer and travel-sized wet wipes to ensure you stay healthy.
 6. Airport security can be tedious... make it easy
Airport security personnel move swiftly, and it can feel stressful. To reduce some of this sense of rushing, pack your belongings efficiently. You’ll be required to pull your laptop out of your bag when you enter airport security - pack it near the top to retrieve it easily. If you’re carrying liquids, be sure to adhere to that Country’s guidelines for container sizes (view the Canadian air travel guidelines here: Wear shoes and jackets that are easy to slip on and off as you’ll be asked by security to remove them. Most importantly, don’t pack any aerosols, sharps, weapons, or other forbidden items.

7. Pre-pack your reading materials
Purchase a book or your favourite magazine before you get to the airport. You’ll save some cash and stay occupied while waiting for your flight.
8. Wear your extra layers
Jacket doesn’t fit in your bag? Bulky scarf taking up too much room? Wear your larger layers on the plane to maximize your packing space in your luggage. These can double as extra warmth on chilly airplanes, or act as makeshift pillows or blankets if your flight doesn’t offer them.
9. Bring your corded headphones
Most in-flight entertainment systems require corded headphones. Leave your bluetooth headphones in your suitcase and throw the old fashioned kind in your carry-on.

10. Hydrate
The air on a flight is recycled, which can quickly dry out your skin, eyes, and lips. Pack some essentials in your carry on bag to help you stay moisturized and comfortable. To keep your eyes feeling fresh, opt for glasses instead of contact lenses and bring along some eye drops. Pack a small bottle of hand cream and your favourite lip balm. Drink plenty of water, and you’ll step off the plane feeling hydrated instead of thirsty, dry, and itchy.
11. Take the hassle out of getting to the airport
Contact Airways Transit at (519) 886-2121 for Kitchener Waterloo area or (905) 689-4460 in Hamilton area to discuss stress-free airport transportation.