Keeping Zen While on Your Business Trip: How to Ensure Stress-Free Business Travel

You can’t wait for that next business trip, or maybe that’s just a lie. For many, hearing the words “business travel” causes an immediate onslaught of anxiety. While offsite meetings are just a part of doing business, the “always on” persona we play can leave us feeling depleted. For your own health and productivity, it’s important to find the time to destress while you’re away on business. Here are a few of our suggestions for finding your zen while travelling for work.

Plan the Stress Away

Keep your brain free and clear of clutter by “brain dumping” all of your brilliant ideas, to-dos, task lists, etc. The bullet journal method can not only help you skyrocket productivity, but also keep your mind free from anxiety. If you’re in a new location, research local surroundings to gain an understanding of where you’ll be going, and get familiar with the names of the closest intersections and landmarks. At least you’ll look a like local and feel like you’re in control. Make note of things like local events that could impact traffic, how to pay fares on public transportation, check in and check out times, and the best way to travel from the airport to your hotel. Hiring an airport service, like Airways Transit, can ensure your commute is stress-free and comfortable. 

Just Breathe

Sounds like a no-brainer, but breathing exercises can do wonders for our mental and physical health. And they’re not just for yogis: the marketing director of Apple Pay recently told the Harvard Business Review he finds that making time for breathing exercises during his day keeps him relaxed, creative, and helps him to gain perspective. Try this one-minute exercise to boost blood oxygen, alertness and productivity: 

Inhale to the count of two - exhale to the count of two 

Inhale to the count of two - exhale to the count of three 

Inhale to the count of two - exhale to the count of four 

Inhale to the count of two - exhale to the count of five 

Repeat several times, then return to your normal breathing.

Pack Your Essential Oils

Already anxious first thing in the morning? A few drops of essential oils in your shower can help you find your zen long before you start your day. Simply apply several drops of oil on a washcloth and place it in the corner of the shower. Then let the oils and the steam from the shower provide a personal aromatherapy session for you right in your hotel room. Try rose, lavender, frankincense or bergamot oils to keep you feeling stress-free.

Keep Active

There are plenty of ways to sneak some exercise in to your trip to help you feel energized and bright. Swim some laps at the hotel pool, go for a daytime walk in a nearby park, check out the local scene, or stay in the comfort of your own room with a quick yoga or HIIT session courtesy of internet instructors. If your a gym buff, then use the hotel gym. Any form of exercise will help to keep the anxiety at bay.


The best way to feel like yourself while you’re away is to sleep well. Many find sleeping in a hotel room like trying to plan a mission to Mars--daunting. Try packing a sleep mask and some earplugs. You can even bring your own pillowcase to sleep on a familiar texture and scent. And above all else, put your cell phone on “do not disturb” - at least until the morning.

Investing just a few moments into making sure your travel is stress-free can ensure you’re the best version of yourself for your business needs. At Airways Transit, we want you to sit back, relax and enjoy the benefit of being picked up at your home, business, or hotel so you can not only find zen, but keep it for your entire business trip. Contact Airways Transit at (519) 886-2121 for Kitchener Waterloo area or (905) 689-4460 in Hamilton area to discuss stress-free, easy transportation options in Toronto, Hamilton, and Waterloo.