4 Benefits of a Solo Vacation

Have you ever considered a solo vacation? It’s mind freeing. To experience your dreams where you want, when you want, is an opportunity that doesn’t come to many. Whether you’re looking to meet new people, you need a vacation away from the everyday, or you’re searching for something new to experience, the benefits of travelling solo are plentiful.


Bring clarity to your thinking.

Imagine sitting under the arctic sky watching green ribbons dance overhead. Nothing but silence and colour surrounds you as watch the northern lights. A cozy nordic retreat awaits to warm you back up. Winter in Finland sounds blissfully zen, doesn’t it?




Be one with nature.

Boost your mental and physical well-being by getting close to nature. Breathe in the fresh air of the wilderness to lift your mood and move the oxygen through your body. Take in scenes of wildlife and maybe even glimpse the beauty and grace of a deer. Or, bring along some bird seed and try feeding the area finches. Melt the stress away on your next amazing outdoor solo vacation. https://bit.ly/2AC0HIh



Rekindle your romance.

Solo group travel is not only a great way to experience new sights, but it’s also safe. You don’t have to travel alone on a solo adventure; it’s even better if you find a group or tour to travel with. This type of vacation works well for busy, young families. Take turns staying home to be with the kids while the other heads off on vacation. You’ll meet new friends, build new memories, and have a lot of fun along the way. Absence makes the heart grow fonder!




Get to know yourself.

If you find you’re always looking after others and putting other’s needs before your own, well...you’re a very nice person. We all need to connect with our inner child every once in a while. Don’t forget what you enjoy most in life. Do a cannonball dive again, go for a bike ride along the coast, stuff your face! Experience your own Eat, Pray, Love adventure. Fill up with https://bit.ly/2zxB2kj



When you’ve got the urge for adventure and a passport in your pocket, solo travel can provide you with life-changing experiences. At Airways Transit, we want you to enjoy your best vacations, solo or otherwise. Contact Airways Transit at (519) 886-2121 for Kitchener Waterloo area or (905) 689-4460 in Hamilton area to discuss stress-free, easy transportation options to the airport from Toronto, Hamilton, and Waterloo.


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