Door-to-Door Rate Schedules for Hamilton International Airport

No. of Passengers Area 1

Fare: HST: Total:
1 or 2 46.90 6.10 $53.00
Private Van 89.38 11.27 $101.00
Add'l 13.27 1.73 $15.00
Hamilton, Alberton, Ancaster, Binbrook, Blackheath, Caledonia, Carluke, Christies Corners, Copetown, Dundas, Fruitland (to McNeilly Rd.), Glancaster, Greensville, Jerseville, Mt. Hope, Peters Corners, Stoney Creek, Woodburn, York
No. of
Area 2

Fare: HST: Total:
1 or 2 59.29 7.71 $67.00
Private Van 95.58 12.42 $108.00
Add'l 13.27 1.73 $15.00
Burlington, Carlisle, Lynden, Millgrove, Orkney, Rockton, Troy, Tweedside, Vinemount, Waterdown, Westover
No. of
Area 3

Fare: HST: Total:
1 or 2 71.68 9.32 $81.00
Private Van 107.08 13.92 $121.00
Add'l 13.27 1.73 $15.00
Oakville, Bronte, Campbellville, Cedar Springs Comm., Freelton, Kilbride, Lowville, Mountsberg, Strabane, Valens, Winona (starts at McNeilly Rd.)
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Advance notice please: Advance notice is required for bicycles, skis, snowboards, golf clubs, large boxes, wheelchairs, etc. Luggage in excess of airline limits is subject to a surcharge. Pets require private vehicle service.

No additional charge for stops at airport hotels. Bicycles not in approved carrying bags require private service.

Extra Charge

Each Additional Stop Charge: 17.70
HST: 2.30
Total: $20.00
Skis, Snowboards, bicycles in approved airline carrying bags Charge: 12.39
HST: 1.61
Total: $14.00

24 Hour Service, 7 Days a Week.